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White mice are a very popular mouse to own as a pet, however they do come in many other colours such as Non-Agouti (Black), Extreme Non-Agouti (Extreme Black), Black/Extreme Black Comparison, Chocolate, Mock Chocolate, Light Mock Chocolate, Champagne, Coffee, Beige, Lilac, Dilute & Leaden (Blue), Silver, Dove, Lavender, Recessive Yellow, Yellow, Cream, Albino & PEW (Pink Eye White), BEW (Brown Eye White) and REW (Ruby Eye White).

Fancy mice are mice that have been bred for showing and have different qualities of fair and colour. The American Fancy Mouse and Rat Association govern the shows for mice in the United States. The organisation keeps records of mouse pedigrees and keeps track of mouse show records.
Fancy mice come in seven different coat varieties, they are:
Standard: These mice have coats that people typically associate with mice.
Satin: Mice with this coat have fur with a lustrous sheen.
Long Hair: The coat on these mice is long and thick.
Long Hair Satin: The coat is long, fine and has a sheen.
Frizzie: Mice of this variety have very curly hair.
Frizzie Satin: These mice have curly hair that has a lustrous sheen.
Hairless: These mice do not have hair.

Fancy mice come in a number of different colours as well, including beige, black, chocolate, blue, white, coffee, cream, gold, lilac, red, fawn, champagne, cinnamon, silver and dove.
Mice colouring are grouped according to pattern:
Selfs: Mice in this category feature one solid colour over the entire body.
Tan & Fox: The Tan pattern features a solid colour on top with tan under body. The Fox pattern shows a top colour with an almost white contrasting underside.
Marked: These mice have spotting of any colour over a white base.
Any Other Colour (AOC): These mice have colourings not covered in the other colour categories, such as agouti and pearl.
Any Other Colour Pattern (AOCP): This group includes mice with dark points on a white base, brindle, merle and other patterns.

A mouse can be annoying where mice can be a bigger problem! Getting rid of mice can be done in many ways such as the use of traps that kill or catch and poisons. Controlling mice in and around your home must be taken seriously as they can introduce illnesses to your family as well as transfer fleas to pets.

  • Mice will normally sleep for over 12 hours a day.
  • Mice eat, or at least chew anything that is softer than their teeth.
  • Mice are very neat as they will sleep, eat and defecate in different places.
  • Mice do not like rats as rats are known to prey on mice however in the wild they do live together.
  • Mice can jump straight up to about 18 inches and are also very good climbers and swimmers.
  • A male mouse is called a buck.
  • A female mouse is called a doe.
  • The offspring of mice are called pups or kitten.
  • A group of mice are called a family, horde or a nest.
  • A wild mouse will live no longer than 1 year.
  • A pet mouse may live for between 2 and 3 years.
  • A mouse’s tail is almost as long as its body.
  • Mice do not see in colour.
  • Mice are nocturnal creatures.
  • Mice can and will chew through anything softer than their teeth.
  • Mice cause more than 1 billion dollars’ worth of damage in the US alone each year.

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