Rats about Habitats




Rats can serveive in many different conditions within many different environments. In the wild, rats can live just about anywhere as long as they have a source of food, whether it be in woodland, sewers and in people's homes. Some rats may even climb trees and live in them.

Rats make very good pets and with that having been said, there are many commercial cages/habitats available to purchase. Your local pet store is likely to have a wide range of cages available to suit your needs. Depending on where you plan on keeping your rat and the amount of space you have available will help determine the type and size of cage you should be looking for.

rats are very good at crafting nests and will use whatever you give them to create their nest. A wild rat that has found its way into your loft will use insulation to create a nest where a rat that lives in a tree will use twigs.

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