Bait For Mice




Drained by empty traps with missing bait? Learn about the best mouse bait to stop the rodent from eating it without setting off the trap. Use our food suggestions for the best mouse bait.
Do you have mouse traps and need to know what the best mouse bait options are? We recommend the following baits to attract mice: A thin slice of hot dog, Bits of Bacon, Peanut butter, Nesting materials such as dental floss, Cotton Wool, Gumdrops, Chocolate and Crackers.

Tying the bait to the trigger will prevent the mouse from licking or nibbling the bait and stealing it without setting off the trap.
For baits that cannot be tied such as peanut butter, itís best to use a small amount.
Out of the baits, peanut butter stands out as one of the favourites used by most people setting traps around their homes. Peanut butter smells great to a mouse and is really affective at attracting mice and can be applied in small amounts. Bait such as dental floss and cotton wool are good to use as mice are always on the look out for nest building materials as well as food. With floss and wool you wont have to worry about it drying out or going of. The floss can also be used to tie bait to the trap that would otherwise fallen of.

A mouse can be annoying where mice can be a bigger problem! Getting rid of mice can be done in many ways such as the use of traps that kill or catch and poisons. Controlling mice in and around your home must be taken seriously as they can introduce illnesses to your family as well as transfer fleas to pets.

  • Mice will normally sleep for over 12 hours a day.
  • Mice eat, or at least chew anything that is softer than their teeth.
  • Mice are very neat as they will sleep, eat and defecate in different places.
  • Mice do not like rats as rats are known to prey on mice however in the wild they do live together.
  • Mice can jump straight up to about 18 inches and are also very good climbers and swimmers.
  • A male mouse is called a buck.
  • A female mouse is called a doe.
  • The offspring of mice are called pups or kitten.
  • A group of mice are called a family, horde or a nest.
  • A wild mouse will live no longer than 1 year.
  • A pet mouse may live for between 2 and 3 years.
  • A mouseís tail is almost as long as its body.
  • Mice do not see in colour.
  • Mice are nocturnal creatures.
  • Mice can and will chew through anything softer than their teeth.
  • Mice cause more than 1 billion dollarsí worth of damage in the US alone each year.

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